“Where Daniel’s value to our campaign really showed was his ability to engage people. He could relate to everyone. He thrives on community building. In the general election, his work to bring neighborhood and homeowner leaders into our campaign definitely made a difference in winning.”

– Paul Koretz, LA City Councilmember, District 5 (Elected in 2009)


“Daniel Tamm brought together a team, trained them and empowered leadership in our volunteer staff to run a disciplined campaign. He created a message that expressed my core values while touching a chord with people in my district. His resourcefulness and creativity in finding means of communicating that message with our limited resources was astonishing. I am deeply grateful to him for being the positive, driving force that he is.”

– Marie Panec (Candidate for Congress, 24th District, 2010) Former Member, Oak Park Unified School           District Board of Education


“Daniel Tamm has played a vital role in expanding Imagine LA’s outreach. His passion and dedication to the work of building relationships was wonderful. His personal attentiveness and follow up are exemplary. Daniel’s joyful presence and persistent action has helped us to enter 2011 on track to fulfill our goals for matched family teams for the year.”

– Jill Bauman, Executive Director, Imagine LA


“Daniel manages to match passion for social justice with hard work and determination that make him an excellent and principled consultant.”

– Erik Sanjurjo, Policy Adviser, EAS Inc.


“Daniel is a vigorous and dedicated campaign professional who works equally well in small and large campaign situations.”

– Jim Bickhart, Policy Director, Villaraigosa for Mayor

“Daniel led our successful media and political outreach in advance of the city’s vote on a resolution to get money out of politics. He is a take charge person and knows how to get things done. Daniel is also very resourceful and has a wealth of contacts in the political world. He is very knowledgable about local, state and national issues, and strategy.”

– Sylvia Moore, Blog Editor, California OneCare


“Daniel is a passionate advocate for the issues and people he believes in, and has years of experience in advancing causes, missions, and candidacies. He’s friendly, knowledgeable, and effective.”

– Lee Wochner, CEO & Creative Strategist, Counterintuity


“I’ve worked with Daniel on numerous campaigns since 2004 both as a fellow grassroots volunteer and coordinating with him in his capacity as a professional, managing candidate and issue campaigns. He has a clear vision of what needs to be accomplished, a comprehensive plan to complete it and a passion for the work that inspires others. I’m always happy to join forces with him.”

– Tom Mullens, President, Democratic Club of the Conejo Valley


“I have much respect for Daniel and his skills in leading and working with people. He is a person I know I can always count on. I fully support and would work with Daniel anytime.”

Greg Akilli, Regional Field Director, Camp Obama Trainer, Obama for America


“Daniel was an able and inspiring leader of volunteer teams throughout the 2008 campaign. I came into the campaign with no experience as a political organizer. Under the tutelage of Daniel and others I advanced to the position of Volunteer Coordinator for California’s 29 Congressional District. I credit his guidance for much of my success. Any organization will be able to rely on Daniel for his commitment to goals, dedication to service and grace in his dealings with colleagues.”

– Patrick O’Connor, Volunteer Coordinator, Obama For America 2008


“Dan is a bright and dedicated professional who applies himself totally to his job and its mission, achieving outstanding results and earning the respect of all those who work with him.”

– Jeffrey Prang, Mayor, City of West Hollywood


“If you choose Daniel to coordinate your campaign, then you’ve put yourself in a position to win. Daniel is a go-getter that will commit himself 100% to your effort. I’ve worked with him on campaigns and he can always be counted on to get the job done. I’ve also had to work on the opposite side of a campaign from Daniel, and I hate it! Why? Because he understands politics and when he takes on a campaign, he gives his all to reach his client’s goal.”

– David Phelps, Field Organizer, California Democratic Party


 “I always enjoyed working with Daniel in Progressive politics. He is a bright and enthusiastic leader.”

– Johanna Olson, Former Southern California Co-Chair, Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party


 “Daniel is a great motivator, leader and team player who is willing and capable of getting the job done effectively. I worked with Daniel on a political campaign that began with a shoestring budget and little resources and saw him on a regular basis make magic to meet the goals placed before us. Daniel is a committed staffer and resilient when faced with challenges and obstacles. His willingness to adapt a strategy as the needs evolve is remarkable. Daniel is an asset to any team that is interested in real results.”

– Andrea Slater, Regional Field Director – LA County, Obama for America


“Daniel has the skills to help campaigns create a message and get that message out. He also has a tremendous ability to connect with people and help them buy into the cause, making him truly valuable to any and every campaign smart enough to hire him.”

– Evelyn Alexander, Principal, Magellan College Counseling


“Daniel is one of the most focused and dedicated individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. His advice and consultation is a valuable asset to any company. Daniel exceeds any expectations. Highly recommend.”

– Jeff Kaufman, Owner, The Kaufman Agency


“Daniel is a highly competent and ethical professional, very outcome oriented and a pleasure to work with.”

– Susan Broidy, Retired Region 10 Director, California Democratic Party


“Daniel and I have served on the same board and worked on campaigns together. He is highly principled, deeply passionate, and has boundless energy. Daniel also displays a depth of knowledge and a level of expertise that’s hard to find anywhere.

– Stuart Woltz, President, Mpower Group Consulting


“Daniel is amazing. His positive attitude, his relentless drive to reach the intended goal, and his ability to bring people together makes him an amazing organizer. It was a pleasure working side by side with him.”

– Debra Evans, Chair of Outreach Committee, Stonewall Democratic Club Los Angeles



“I’ve known and worked with Daniel off-and-on for 8 years. He’s a tireless advocate for his causes and a top-notch strategic thinker and communicator when it comes to political campaigns.”

– Randy Gold, Consultant/Systems Analyst, ADP


“Daniel is the kind of guy I’d like to work with if I need details taken care of and the work approached with a passion. Daniel doesn’t do anything half-way. If I were running for public office, he’s the first person I’d call and hire.”

– Amy Reichbach, Clinical Health Educator, California State University, Northridge


“Daniel Tamm is a passionate advocate for making democracy work for ordinary people. His ability to get to the essentials as CDP Executive Board Representative for the 40th AD was exemplary. I look forward to working with him in the future.”

– Coby King, President / CEO, Coby King Communications